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“I was 43 years old and had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. My FSH and other fertility numbers were very poor, so I knew that combined with my age, getting pregnant was going to be a huge if not impossible challenge. In addition, I had one failed IUI treatment and subsequently was told by my doctor the following month that IVF was not an option for me because when we did a day 3 ultrasound, there were no follicles in my ovaries. And lastly, I didn’t get my period for the next 3 months after that.

I had read about how acupuncture could help with fertility, and though skeptical, I sought out Dr. Park’s services. From day one, I felt that I was in good hands. One out of the many things I really appreciated about her was that while Dr. Park acknowledged that I was an older woman, she also never made me feel like my situation was hopeless or that I was wasting my time. She simply evaluated me and immediately got to work in earnest balancing my energy and getting my blood flow going.

We did several full body treatments with needles; Dr. Park also custom-designed a decoction for me which I took for two months, and she had me burn daily tiny moxa sticks on my feet and lower abdomen. She was always available whenever I had a question and went above and beyond in monitoring my overall well-being. I am not kidding, after working with Dr. Park for 6 months, I got pregnant the old-fashioned way. No fertility drugs, nothing.

After a great 40 week pregnancy, my daughter just did not want to come out and stayed in utero for another 2 weeks at which point I was very ready to give birth. My body however was not. I went to see Dr. Park once again so that she could help stimulate contractions. The next morning my water broke, and my daughter was born a day later.

My daughter is now one years old. She is healthy and beautiful and the light of my life. For anyone who wants to have a child and has had a hard time, I would highly recommend seeking out Dr. Park’s medical advice and treatment. For me, doing so has changed my life and I am forever grateful.”

Helen L.


“On a ski trip to Deer Valley last winter, I injured my back jumping over a mogul on the last run, on the last day.  I am in my mid-40’s so I should have been more careful, especially at the end of the trip when my body was already tired and sore.  I felt a sharp pain in the lower back immediately when I landed but felt okay enough to ski down the mountain.  On the plane ride home and the rest of the day, I took Advil to ease the pain.

But the next morning, I couldn’t get out of bed.  I felt groggy and ached all over.  When I tried to stand, I hunched over.  I could not straighten my back and could barely walk. I was in excruciating pain.

My husband suggested I go to the ER.  I decided to give acupuncture a try instead even though I had never had acupuncture before.  Dr. Park gave me a full treatment of cupping and acupuncture.  I felt better immediately.  I was able to stand up straight.  Two days after the treatment, I was able to move around without pain.  Overall it took about 2 weeks to recover fully but the healing began the moment Dr. Park treated me with acupuncture.  Reducing the inflammation was the key to alleviating the pain.

Thanks to Dr. Park, my recovery was quick and I was pain free without having to take any addictive opioids as my body healed back to normal.”



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