“I was 43 years old and had been trying to get pregnant for 2 years. My FSH and other fertility numbers were very poor, so I knew that combined with my age, getting pregnant was going to be a huge if not impossible challenge. In addition, I had one failed IUI treatment and subsequently was told by my doctor the following month that IVF was not an option for me because when we did a day 3 ultrasound, there were no follicles in my ovaries. And lastly, I didn’t get my period for the next 3 months after that.

I had read about how acupuncture could help with fertility, and though skeptical, I sought out Dr. Park’s services. From day one, I felt that I was in good hands. One of the many things I really appreciated about her was that while Dr. Park acknowledged that I was an older woman, she also never made me feel like my situation was hopeless or that I was wasting my time. She simply evaluated me and immediately got to work in earnest balancing my energy and getting my blood flow going.

We did several full body treatments with needles; Dr. Park also custom-designed a decoction for me which I took for two months, and she had me burn daily tiny moxa sticks on my feet and lower abdomen. She was always available whenever I had a question and went above and beyond in monitoring my overall well-being. I am not kidding, after working with Dr. Park for 6 months, I got pregnant the old-fashioned way. No fertility drugs, nothing.

After a great 40 week pregnancy, my daughter just did not want to come out and stayed in utero for another 2 weeks at which point I was very ready to give birth. My body however was not. I went to see Dr. Park once again so that she could help stimulate contractions. The next morning my water broke, and my daughter was born a day later.

My daughter is now one years old. She is healthy and beautiful and the light of my life. For anyone who wants to have a child and has had a hard time, I would highly recommend seeking out Dr. Park’s medical advice and treatment. For me, doing so has changed my life and I am forever grateful.”

Helen L.


“On a ski trip to Deer Valley last winter, I injured my back jumping over a mogul on the last run, on the last day.  I am in my mid-40’s so I should have been more careful, especially at the end of the trip when my body was already tired and sore.  I felt a sharp pain in the lower back immediately when I landed but felt okay enough to ski down the mountain.  On the plane ride home and the rest of the day, I took Advil to ease the pain.

But the next morning, I couldn’t get out of bed.  I felt groggy and ached all over.  When I tried to stand, I hunched over.  I could not straighten my back and could barely walk. I was in excruciating pain.

My husband suggested I go to the ER.  I decided to give acupuncture a try instead even though I had never had acupuncture before.  Dr. Park gave me a full treatment of cupping and acupuncture.  I felt better immediately.  I was able to stand up straight.  Two days after the treatment, I was able to move around without pain.  Overall it took about 2 weeks to recover fully but the healing began the moment Dr. Park treated me with acupuncture.  Reducing the inflammation was the key to alleviating the pain.

Thanks to Dr. Park, my recovery was quick and I was pain free without having to take any addictive opioids as my body healed back to normal.”



“I started seeing Dr. Park after getting a referral from my medical provider. I had neck pain for over 6 months that was unresponsive to all the traditional treatment and medications offered.  Since being treated by Dr. Park, I am almost completely pain-free.  I am so grateful to have found her.  She has  been so attentive and helped me through so many areas including stress and on-going lung and respiratory problems.  The treatments are comfortable and I have found the customized herbs (and tea recipe) very beneficial.”

Sylvia D.


“Dr. Park is an outstanding provider of acupuncture!  She assessed my areas of pain and consistently administered a health care improvement plan to relieve my chronic pain areas.  Her treatment room is extremely clean, relaxing and she possesses the utmost professionalism!”

Andy C.


“I began seeing Dr Park for Migraines. I have had great relief from both acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment she provides. She is not only thorough but compassionate as well.”

Tracy M.


“Knowledgeable of the science. The pain in my left hip has diminished so that my ability of balance and range of motion are increasing . Educating through nutritional information is of great value.”

Barbara S.


“I started seeing Dr. Park for my chronic neck pain and tension headaches. I have done several other types of treatments in the past, but acupuncture has given me the quickest and best results. She is very thorough and provides an evaluation of your entire body to help pinpoint any other underlying issues you may be unaware of. She helps restore balance to your entire body while also working on the main issues you are experiencing. She has helped me tremendously with my pain and I no longer have any headaches. I love the location near Fashion Island. Her office is clean and very inviting. She even has an Amazon Echo that you can play your own music while you relax during treatment. Overall, I would highly suggest seeing Dr. Park. She is a miracle worker!”



“This has been such a positive, caring experience! Dr. Park takes so much time listening to my needs and working with me for a positive outcome.”



“Dr Park is the consummate professional! She is extremely caring and highly knowledgeable. I started going to her about 5 or 6 months ago for my back and shoulder pain issues and I can tell early on when I have gone too long without a visit. I’ve decided that once  a week is best for me, but twice a month is a must! Acupuncture is a great alternative to our western ways and medications. I also just recently started on some herb concoction made specifically for me and have been feeling much more energetic! Even though I have moved to San Diego, I will still continue to drive up to see her. She is simply the best!!”

Bebe M.


“Amazing caring Doctor. I have gone from one year of being sick to feeling like my old self again with the treatments by Dr Park.”



“I came to Asiana Wellness for extreme pain in my lower back and knee. After the very first treatment I noticed a big difference with my back pain and knee pain was almost completely gone. I was pain free after the third treatment. Dr. Park is the best acupuncturist I have ever met. I highly recommend anyone who is in any kind of pain to come to Asiana Wellness and see Dr. Park.”

Sang P.


“Dr. Park is very interested in understanding and diagnosing the root cause of pain and discomfort.  Her attention to details and caring of her patients surpassed my expectations.  I highly recommend that patients who are dealing with chronic or acute pain seek her out for her care and compassion.  She goes above and beyond to ensure that she addresses concerns and issues.”

Neera C.


“I started coming to Asiana Wellness for problems regarding irregular periods and severe bloating. I went to several doctors and had tried other options to reduce symptoms on my own, but nothing seemed to work. After being treated by Dr. Park for several months, her precise and thoughtful care and knowledge helped me fully recover. Dr. Park likes to treat her patients in the most natural way (often creating herbal concoctions specialized for each patient and their symptoms). Dr. Park makes sure to take the time to get to know her patients- taking the time to listen to her patients and also applying knowledge that she receives to her work and practice. After several months, I got my period back, my bloating and stress have significantly reduced, and I have never felt better! Dr. Park has truly been such a blessing to my life and I trust and look up to her with incredible respect. I am so lucky to have gotten to work with Dr. Park, and I highly recommend Asiana if in need of acupuncture!”



“Last week I had a terrible neck pain and could hardly turn my head.  My friend recommended Asiana Wellness for acupuncture.  After 1st visit my pain was gone.  I was quite surprised and delighted.  I highly recommended Dr. Park.”

Peter C.


“Dr. Park is a doctor who takes the time to thoroughly investigate each patient’s medical background and history to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Coming from someone with a complicated medical background, Dr. Park has been attentive to my needs and has helped tremendously in reducing stress, anxiety, migraines frequency and inflammation in my body through acupuncture, herbs and energetic balancing.”



“Whenever I am stressed, I’d often get headaches.  I used to take over the counter drugs for relief, but it would always come back.  I decided to try  acupuncture at Asiana Wellnes and after few sessions my headache is gone.  Dr. Park”s acupuncture was painless and very effective.  I has not had any headaches for few months now.  I also feel lot more relaxed and my sleep quality has improved as well.”

Sun L.


“Great service, nice clean office and plenty of parking!”



“I came to see Dr. Park for neck/shoulder pain and general exhaustion. She was very caring and took the time to give a complete assessment (beyond just my major concern of shoulder pain) and I noticed relief after just my first treatment. In addition, Dr. Park customizes each treatment depending on my personal concerns at that time. The location of her office near fashion island is convenient and the treatment space is very inviting. I have never received acupuncture before seeing Dr. Park, but she made it a VERY ENJOYABLE and healing experience. Highly recommend!”



“I have been getting treatments from Dr. Park for about 2 months.  My shoulder pain and menopausal symptoms have improved significantly.  I’ve been to a couple of other acupuncturists but this is the most thorough experience by far – starting with a very detailed health history questionnaire.  Dr. Park really takes her time to give me complete and informative explanations.   I HIGHLY recommend her!!  And just an added perk…parking at Asiana Wellness is super easy.”

Angela J.


“I’ve been seeing Dr. park  for a while now.   I had irregular periods with mood swings. Like magic, my mood and period cycle got better and better.  My OBGYN actually recommended acupuncture. Dr. Park does a great job of listening, both in conversation and to the body during treatments.  Dr. park is intelligent, non-judgmental, talented and intuitive.  She specializes in women’s Health issues. I feel very lucky to have found her.  Overall my experience with Dr. Park was superb!”

Kelly K.